Book cover

24 Mar

Front Flap

Through a series of poems a young girl chronicles

The life changing year of 1975. When she, her mother,

And her brother escaped the Vietnam before the fall

of Saigon an have a much better life in Alabama.

Back Flap

Eman Logan

Was born on June 20th 1999 in Madison, Wisconsin and raised  in Miami, Florida. When he turned one he moved to Chicago, Illinois.

When he turned two he moved back to Madison and stayed in Madison.

Back Cover

Mother slaps my hand.

Learn to compromise.

I refuse to retrieve the pouches,

Pour, go to bed, stare at the photograph of a real papaya tree,

Wonder if I’ll ever taste sweet, tender, orange flesh again.


Rings out;

How soothing a real gong sounds.

Swirls of incense

Reach me,

Hovering like a blanket,

Tugging me in.

I wake up at faint light,

Guilt heavy on my chest.

I head toward the trash can.


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